Bardon - SOLD - Another Delighted Client

P & S Bradnam , 18 Apr 2013

The Arthur Conias team did a fantastic job in selling our house.  Prior to listing, they took a lot of time in explaining the way they sell and why they achieve such fantastic results.

When comparing the Jenman system of selling against the ways other agents had advised us, I felt Arthur Conias would get the result we wanted in the time frame we needed.  As it turned out, that is exactly what happened - we got the price we wanted and all within 5 days. They were a fantastic agency!

They did what they said they would, they listened to us, they understood our situation and they got the result they said theywould achieve. 

I was very impressed with their professionalism, their approach to business, their communication style and how they worked and related well to people.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone or use the Arthur Conias team again - Thanks guys.